Flickr Aborted Import

I have been using the Flickr import feature to create observations in iNat. It works very well. I have encountered a problem under the following conditions:

  • I use the upload button, select Flickr, select the image(s), and fill in additional observation data
  • then instead of clicking the “save” button, I erroneously click the “upload” button again

After doing that, if I try to correct the situation and recreate the observation, I get the iNat “whale” error message.

This also happened a few times when I created an observation successfully using the Flickr import, but then deleted the observation because I needed to change the photo on Flickr. After doing that and trying to re-create the observation, I get the “whale” message.

My thought is that there are some corrupted observations/images in limbo (cached) somewhere that cause the error messages when attempts are made to import the same images again.

Any ideas on this?

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At which exact point do you get the whale error message?

I wasn’t able to replicate this.

“At which exact point do you get the whale error message?”

After erroneously pressing “upload” instead of “save”, I started the observation again and then correctly press save. That’s when the “whale” appears.

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