What does Prostemma Fasciatum eat?

I made a plant terrarium and put an insect called Prostemma Fasciatum in it, I cant find a lot of info about it on Google I wanna know what it eats so I can feed it.

another terrarium-related thread?

personally, i would ask this question on your observation rather than in the forum. you’re more likely to get someone who knows what they’re talking about looking at your observation.

that said, even if you can’t find info about a particular species, you can look for information about the genus or family, and that may tell you all you need to know. members of the family appear to be generalist predators.

you can also look at GLOBI, and that sometimes has useful info, if you can’t find any other information. for example: https://www.globalbioticinteractions.org/?interactionType=interactsWith&sourceTaxon=Prostemma.

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I don’t know anything about this species but sources for another species in the Prostemma genus say that they typically feed on various smaller true bugs ( like Lygus and similar) so I’d imagine you could either catch small true bugs or attempt feeding very small mealworms and waxworms.

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Or maybe pinhead crickets from your local pet store if it’s winter where you are and you can’t find potential prey outside.


That would work pretty well but I tend to veer on the safe side with crickets and crush their heads before feeding ( gruesome I know) since even small ones are capable of injuring or even killing things as large as tarantulas,mantids and other predatory Arthropods. They are also quite annoying to own since they smell atrocious and are good escape artists too.

According to Globalbioticinteractions, Prostemma guttula which is in the same genus eats Forest bug (Pentatoma rufipes) and Firebug (Pyrrhocoris apterus). Damselbugs in general eat woodlouse, mites, spiders, and sow bugs.

How about fruit flies

Sounds good to me.

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