What is proper way to present an observation with multiple images?

I recently added an observation with four separate images, all of the same subject. I wanted all images to be in one observation, but they ended up all included as separate entries, each with its own description. As a result, anyone wanting to comment on it has to make four separate entries; that isn’t very efficient, and it somewhat conceals the fact that all the images are related…

Is this normal behavior? How could I have presented this observation differently?

Also, I note now, that when I view one of the observation entries, there is a “add image” button below the existing image; I didn’t notice it yesterday… can I, and should I, use that to attach all four images to one entry, and delete the other entries?


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If all the pictures are of the same individual organism, then yes, they should all be in the same observation. You can add multiple pics to an observation on upload, though the procedure varies depending on whether you are using the web (where it is drag and drop) or app.

If all the pics are of the same organism, I’d suggest adding three to one of the existing observations (via the add image) and deleting the other three observations.

Multiple pics definitely does help with IDs, so that makes for a quality observation!


Ahhh!! Thank you, I have done this now, and it is much better!!! I wonder if I should go back to my other historical observations and do the same thing…


Ideally yes, this would be great


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