What just happened? New "Save to Collections" icon appeared

I was looking at observations in Map view, and suddenly, a new icon appeared under my pointer and it looked like it got clicked before I saw what it was. I thought it said “saved to…” but I didn’t see saved to what. I managed to find the icon again:
Okay, but where are “Collections”? I did not intend to save anything, so now I need help finding where this was saved to so that I can un-save it.


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Looks like you are on an Android or Chrome device, and somehow accidentally got into the Google Collections bookmarking feature; I don’t think it is anythiing to do with iNaturalist.

Nope. Laptop using Microsoft Edge. But as per the previous reply, it appears that Edge has a similar feature.

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Yeah, @pisum is usually faster and more correct than I am.