Bookmarks in Profile and Under Bookmarks Tab Mismatch

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Description of problem:

Step 1: Look at Forum profile.

Step 2: Look at Bookmarks.

Step 3: The number of Bookmarks displayed under the Bookmarks Tab is not the same as the Forum Profile.

iNaturalist has limited control over the forum platform (Discourse) - some issues may need to be reported at We moved your report from #bug-reports to #forum-feedback, since all forum-related topics go to the latter.

I checked my own bookmarks and the number in the stat matches the number I actually have bookmarked.

Now that it’s been a few hours, has your bookmarks stat/number in the summary caught up to what you bookmarked yesterday? (only you can see your bookmarks)


Yes, it updated. Thank you for asking. I wonder if there is just a lag time for updates on the forum, especially for updates on forum profiles?

Yep, I think that’s pretty common for a lot of websites (iNaturalist itself included!).