Where is the "Needs Curation" Link?

I want to request that a species complex taxon be added for a certain group of fishes. I have searched the help that I can find and have only seen that you must press a Needs Curation link - but I don’t see one on the observation page. How do I ask a curator to add the species complex? How are you supposed to communicate with them? Find them?


Check out the instructions on the FAQ page for “How do I add a missing species to the iNaturalist database?” here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#missingspecies

(The same steps apply to taxa at levels other than “species”).


On the website, it’s a small button on the lower right side of the page for a given taxon. I don’t think it is possible to flag a taxon for curation on any of the apps.

A curator may see your flag on their own, but they also might miss it. If you want to @-tag a curator, you can try checking who the top identifiers for the relevant group are and go to their profiles. On the website (again, not on the app), the names of users who are curators have the word “Curator” next to their name on their profile, like this:


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