Who can see flags?

If person A flags person B’s photo for copyright infringement, does person B see that it was person A who flagged it? Or is that only visible to curators?

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They are not notified in any way, but if they know what links to click, they can see the flag, which will tell them who did it.

I’m not going to post here what those links are, if you want to PM me, I will tell you what do do as a test.


All flags and their content (flagger, flaggee, reason flagged, resolution status and comment, etc) are visible to everyone at https://www.inaturalist.org/flags


Should we put in a request that (1) flags, (2) annotations, and (3) DQA alterations should appear in the user’s dashboard?
It being visible is of no use if one does not know it has been flagged, annotated or quality assessed.


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