Who is afraid of spelling errers in their observations?

It is one of my greatest fears! Just kidding, although I do always check my spelling before I post whatever I am posting, because when I’m typing I tend to make spelling errors.


iNat system doesn’t recognize names with mistakes, so it’s easy to catch mistakes.) But for hard names I use copy-paste, if you’re a moth called Schiffermuelleria schaefferella you can be sure I won’t spell you!


I’m not sure if that’s partly because observing and identifying encourages(?) precision and accuracy, but I also worry about spelling. Granted, it may not be that important:

Also, with iNat being international, it matters less so. Spelling doesn’t help in conveying meaning, which is most important when communicating anyway…


that’s right

Having worked for a period as a proofreader many years ago, spelling errors definitely get my attention. If the person didn’t learn English as their first language, those mistakes don’t bother me. But I do get that little twinge of annoyance when I see a fellow native English speaker mangle a word and leave it mangled. That includes my own errors that I come across long after I wrote them.


I try to get things write, but miss takes happen!


At risk of being rude… the title was an intentional joke, right?


While mistypes and spelling errors ‘annoy’ me sometimes, I tend to spell different (tendency towards British English) and I get lazy on capitalisation for sure.

I also try to not judge, because language is fluid and policing of language (both spoken pronunciation and spelling/grammar) tends to lean hard into ableism and/or racism undertones quite fast. So I try to be very cognisant about not promoting a culture of requiring code-switching to be accepted or seen as equal. I try to remember about dyslexia and other issues that create spelling & grammar differences, or difficulty with homophones.

This all demands that I let go of rigid ideas of language, so I do my best. Honestly the more I practice acceptance, the easier it is to not be bothered.

(if you are unfamiliar with the term code-switching, google it and dive in to articles written by BIPOC about it)


As a Chinese, remembering and typing latin name is also a hard deal for me. That’s very ordinary.
A good tip is that iNat can recognize first few fields of the name. That is to say, if you type ‘schi scha’, iNat will know what it is! Most of the time I type the first word of genus name and first few words of species name, making it more efficient. But still, we need to remember the name firmly and it’s useful at any time.


I need to go back thru my blog posts - I have realised that I consistently spelt this wrong. Too. Many. Syllables!

iNat is unforgiving but - pte tri will kindly get you there.

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:grinning: could say

I make a lot of spelling errors and it’s kind of funny

I’m not sure where this meme came from, but marital and martial are very different words.


But with some real similarities. But don’t tell my wife I said that.


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