Worst animal name typos you've ever made

What is the worst typo you’ve ever made?

For me:

If you use QWERTY, you may notice something a bit… Disturbing, to say the least.

So, My habit is I type fast then fix the typos after typing it. That caused this :flushed::

I’ve since started using 4 letter codes on eBird. On iNat however, I just need to slowly, slowly, slowly type. Looks like I payed the price for hurrying.


Speaking of which … there’s no autocorrect as I recall when you’re typing in a species name using the web platform, though it does helpfully bring up suggestions as you go. But on the iOS app my species names routinely get auto-corrected to some common word as I’m typing them in, which is annoying. Is there a way to disable auto-correct on the iNat app alone?


Here’s another: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/94440193

@clurarit’s reaction was priceless.

I thought it was Tetramorium. (I wrote it this time with autocorrect as I just added it to the dictionary), but since there were so many letters I couldn’t see the hidden deception. It ended up going as Tetramethylammonium. :rofl:


No idea how to disable it (I use and have always used Android (I think iPhones are only found in 1/50 phone stores), so I’m not an iPhone geek)

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I think the auto-correct comes with the keyboard service perhaps. I don’t think you can disable it for one particular app. I also find it annoying, but now I have an Android phone. It could be tedious, but you could probably “add to dictionary” all of the names. That’s what I started doing.

What I don’t understand about programmers is, why they don’t choose to skip the auto-correct for any word starting with a capital letter, because it could be a proper noun, and not a common noun.


I found a Rock Pocket Mouse, and my students kept calling it the “Pocket Rocket” mouse in the field so often that I typed it out as a species ID…


On the reverse side I can’t tell you how many times I was texting a friend and it autocorrected to “Go duck yourself”


This wasn’t my typo but, many years ago and before auto-correct, a very large paper on the (African) Yellow-billed Duck was titled “Anus undulata” [Should have been Anas undulata].




Rocket mouse is a good name for these mice if you’ve ever had one rocket out of your live trap before you’ve even IDed what you caught.

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