Why don't these observations show up in this project? - "Official" Topic

Hello I’m having a similar issue as others in this thread. I created a collection project that covers multiple “places” that I created in iNaturalist. I was out yesterday making observations with 2 other people but I was in a location that I hadn’t yet included in the project parameters. Is there an easy way to retroactively add observations made yesterday? I will need to instruct my collaborators how to manually check their observations were captured. Can this be done from both the mobile and desktop versions?

This morning I added the place where I was observing to the project and unchecked the “members only” box. For this project I hope to include 6-8 community gardens as observation areas. Is a collection project the best way to accomplish this? Here is the project page https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/manhattan-land-trust-biodiversity-survey

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If you add the new places to your project, all past and future observations in that place, that otherwise meet your other filters, will automatically be listed on the project page.

Probably, but keep in mind that any observations that have an “accuracy” radius that crosses the bounding box of the place won’t be included (example bounding box pictured in red outline here). That’s particularly common for very small places and those where GPS signal is poor, such as around tall buildings. You’ll have to be sure to check the observation to ensure that circle of precision is small enough. When you are making observations with your phone, it’s good practice to wait a few moments for the GPS to narrow in on your location - you can see this happening with the “accuracy” number reducing in number, usually down to 5-15 meters.