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How can I remove an observation from a project without deleting the observation from my overall species’ observations?

Hi @rhune001, welcome to the forum. Can you provide a link to the observation and a link to the project so that we can see what kind of project it is? If it is a Collection project, note that since Collection projects are simply saved filtered searches, there isn’t currently a way to manually remove (or add) an observation from the project. The only way would be to change the settings of the project to exclude all observations meeting those filters.

Here are the observation links:

Here is the project link:

Thank you for answering.

That is a Collection Project, with these requirements:

Since your observations meet the requirements, they can’t be removed from the project. You could help your mother start her own account and post the observations under her name instead.

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I can’t see an obvious reason for observations to be missing as described in the FAQ.

My project is a Collection: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/year-of-the-environment-liverpool?tab=observations&subtab=map for a defined area but for some reason it is missing hundreds of observations that as far as i can see meet the filter requirements (which are loose) e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/26539985

The same observation is being picked up in a separate project which differs only in boundary. But the boundary in the first project is picking up some observations so i don’t think it is a geometry issue…

I’m at a loss as to the cause!

Looks liek it wasn’t indexed properly, likely a glitch. I forced a reindex by voting in the Data Quality Assessment and it’s in the project now.

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I will have to remember that circumvention!