Why is this observation not automatically added to this project?

Why is this observation not automatically added to this project of @rainieria ?

…and/or what prevents me from adding it ?

Screenshot 2021-04-03 at 16.49.02

It’s a collectional project and observer has to be in it to have it’s badge on observation. Observation is in this project automatically.

Ahh ok, I think I see what you mean. So one of my observations could be included in 1000s of projects without me even realising?

A bit confusing also…
What advantage is there to not automatically showing on an observation that it is included in a project?
+What benefit is there to at least not showing on the drop down menu?
Can a project organiser choose to make it so that it automatically does show up on an observation?

It just seems like a hindrance to spreading the news that the project exists!

Cause your observation can be in 20 and more projects if you don’t won’t to show it, you don’t subscribe to those projects. No, project owner can’t decide and it’s good, observer should decide.
You can find all projects in the search, so if you’re interested in finding any, it’s where you go.

Hm, yes, I get that it could become overkill if you automatically have it listed that you are in 100 projects or whatever.

Though then this seems like throwing out the baby with the bathwater to me.
Not convinced by the lack of it showing on the dropdown menu for example… that just hinders my ability to find relevant projects. As a project organiser, I would prefer to be able to let people know as simply as possible that my project exists.

e.g. I think many people don´t know that Micropezidae and other European Diptera have their own dedicated projects… which is a shame. Knowing we have expertise in certain taxa on site encourages people to record and learn about that taxa. ( at least for me it does ).

I think as a user, I would also prefer to be able to figure out which projects my observations already contribute to.

Well, this project is more for iders than observers, most collectional projects are pretty simple search filters, yes, I think what you describe, ability to choose which project to show and which don’t, is a good idea, I think you can start a new topic on that or search if there was a similar one (I don’t remember it).

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