Wildlife Man Podcast

Hi Guys, I have been producing wildlife documentaries for over 30 years for major TV networks like Discovery Channel, 11 weeks ago we launched my Wildlife Man Podcast now available on all major Podcast networks including Apple and Spotify and also on my face book see: www.facebook.com/thewildlifeman
We post a new story every week.
Warm regards David Ireland


Cool! Welcome to the forum!

Love wildlife, love documentaries and love podcast, so for sure will give it a listen! Thanks for the tip :-)

I just watched your recent podcast… episode eleven. Wow, what amazing pictures, what an impression it must have on a person to witness something like this! Beginning of last year I felt my very first earthquake (a big one, I think 8,0 at the epicenter) and I was surprised how touching it was of suddenly feel the earth moving and just like this destroying one fundamental truth (“solid earth”) of my life. I had the same impression as you describe…feeling quite small… can only imagine what a volcano eruption would do.

…I also listened to episode 4… as a dog owner, having my beautiful Ecuadorian street dog lying next to me right now, I had to fight the tears back the whole time, as from the title I knew, what would happen…what a terrible, terrible thing to happen! I managed not to cry right until almost the end of the story… the twist was too much for me :-)

I subscribed and look forward for more :-)

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