The best Ologies episodes about nature

Ologies is a delightful, approachable, and hilarious podcast* featuring interviews with “ologists”, many of which are scientists. I enjoy every episode, but these ones stuck out.

Scatology (poop!) with Rachel Santymire

Scorpiology (scorpions!) with Lauren Esposito

Corvid Thanatology (crow funerals?!) with Kaeli Swift

Dendrology (treeees!) with J. Casey Clapp

Chiropterology (bats!!) with Merlin Tuttle

Anyone else have favorites?

*this is not an ad lol
**more nature-related podcasts here!


Merlin Tuttle is a hoot. I spent a very enjoyable evening catching bats and chatting with him in Cambodia a few years ago. Definitely give him a listen.


I second the Merlin Tuttle episode as a standout. That was one of my favorites. I only discovered the podcast recently and have been enjoying catching up with the backlog. Of the ones you listed I’ve only done bats :bat::bat: and trees :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:so far. :grin:


Lots of great ones. I was very excited, a little while after I listened to the malacology episode, that Jann Vendetti ( @jannvendetti ) suggested a correction for the ID of one of my snail observations.


I loved the one about ticks for some reason!

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Love Ologies. Also recently discovered Off Track. Feb 14 episode, And your bug can sing, features lots of underwater recordings from an acoustic ecologist. The next one has underwater recordings of sea urchins. Both are great and renew my passion for audio observations on iNat. :smile:

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