Wo sind meine Meldungen?

Ich habe heute Nacht einiges über die App gemeldet, aber die Meldungen sind nicht sichtbar, oft steht Unbekannte Art - kein Standort - und bei Zeit steht -57 Min. oder 3 w.
Außerdem ist es nicht möglich sich in der App in den Einstellungen die Sprache einzustellen - dort steht Sprache des Gerätes, Baskisch und Galizisch zur Auswahl, ich lebe aber in Deutschland. Auf der Homepage kann man dass besser einstellen, aber dies wird nicht auf der App geändert. Ich möchte in der App auch Deutsche Namen sehen und keine Englischen…

Viele Grüße Tilmann

Tilmann, The app lists Basque and Galician as languages only because they are languages that most mobile phone operating systems do not support switching into.

What language are you running your mobile phone in ? The app should pick up and run in whatever language your phone is set to.


I think your observations are visibile.
Deien beobachtungen kann man sehen.

When i was in italy i got italian common names, very very awfull. I think the app is in German or english but the local names, common names are in a different language ?

I thought the web settings went to the app settings.

Locale sets your language and date formatting preferences.

Show common names

Show common names. Disable if you only want to view scientific names. Note that you can control which common names you see by changing your locale and place settings.

Show scientific names first

Show scientific names before common names.

### Names


Prioritize common names used in this place.

In Profile Account settings

meine Beobachtungen werden als Unbekannt angezeigt - ohne Bilder ohne Namen

And the Lymantria monachaBlack Arches observation is correct. Do you have 4G or wifi when ou enter the observation ?

@ahospers - setting the box to prioritize names used in Germany will not work, or at least will not work anywhere close to complete. Because the site is translated into German, in most cases, the German species translations are not set to be used in Germany.

That setting only really works for:

  • cases where there are multiple names in the same language which are used in different places - for example so Canadians can see Canadian English spelling not the US spelling
  • cases where the site is not translated into a language.

app with LTE

my Handy is in German, but inaturalist language is in English

Do you use an iPhone or an android device?

My android device is set to run in Danish and I see Danish in inat including names (note some are not translated into Danish which then defaults to the Latin scientific name)


Android is my handy

wo sind meine gemeldeten Arten mit Bild und Bestimmung?
Kann die App nicht Zwischenspeichern, so dass man später mit Wlan die Meldungen hochladen könnte?

I think you did not save them, but i am not sure. I have an DUTCH iphone. Inaturalits website is in English (but sometimes on other PCs it is in Dutch) and mij local names are in Dutch.
But i think you did not save the UNBEKANTE. I do it always with Wifi so i never had this problem.

Can you put a screendump if you enter Bellis Perennis, Madeliefje ? If you have KEIN STANDORT than you did not have an GPS fix either ?

I dont know what the issue is then, I added German language onto my phone, and set it as the default, and I straight away see both German text and German names. Try going into settings and logging out of the app, and then logging back in.

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I think it is the internet connection, toward had the same problems in the field

Your app seems to be in German, except the species.
It also happens to me that sometimes the names of the species don’t appear in German in the overview. If I click on the observation it’s in German though.

Some of your observations don’t have a German name though on iNaturalist.
I added a German name for Mythimna conigera.

I don’t know though why many observations say “Unbekannte Art” for you. Did you try to refresh by pulling the screen down?

I think there is no problem. His iNaturalist-app is in German. …IPhil wrote the same so I stop here. Look around on the forum. It is a known issue. If you need German names add the common German name to the species. That is the only think you can do about it.

I’m not 100% positive on this, but I dont think the mobile app names are dynamic. If you downloaded it, and it has an English name, it will stay English even if you switch your to language German. If a Geman name has been added to the species in the interim, or even if you were running English at the time, and then switch to another language, then :

You have to refresh the data by via a log out of the app, and then log back in.


Yes, that is the case, currently, the names are cached. We’re working on a way to recognize a name switch and then reload the cached common names.

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