Common names changed in Android app

“Additionally the app is not always handling the common names of species very well. I have some displayed in German some in English in “my observations”. The English ones are displayed in German when I click on the observation, this is slightly irritating…” I do agree that in the Android app and also in emails you can get common names in all kind of languagues. I should expect that the names would be the same as configured in my account setting.

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If you can provide examples, this would be best as a Bug Report so it can be investigated.

In the emails iNaturalist sents all kinds of common names occur: french, german, russian, portugues. What I should expect is that the common names occurs in the app and in the emails in the same way as on the website. They are related to the person who gets the email and not related to the person who makes the observation, comment of identification.

When the app interacts with the server the language of the common names changes. It could change to the language setting of observer who adds an identification, comment, but also something else can be possible.

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Thank you for those. This seems like a possible bug. Which language do you have your locale set to, and which location do you have your common names set to?


Capture22 Locale

Hi, I also wanted to add this information for me.
Bug report:


Hi @tiwane this seems to be a bug with the app. At least the android one. In your observations list, Names sometimes appear in English, in a seemingly erratic logic. And when you click on that observation it then changes.

Moved these out of the feature request and into their own topic.