Can't see Chinese common names on Android

I can only see Chinese(simplifiesd) names on my iPhone.

What are your user settings for language?


Can you clarify the problem? Normally we use “translation” to refer to the CrowdIn interface work, not to common name issues.


OK. Well, I can’t see the Chinese(simplified) common names on my Android phone.

Ah, so the issue is that the iOS app is correctly using your account setting when displaying common names, but the Android app isn’t?

Yes it is.

Is it just common names that are displaying in Chinese (traditional), or is any other part of the Android app also in Chinese (traditional)?

The menu is in Chinese (simplified). Common names are in Chinese (traditional).

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i’m a little confused, and i think there’s a little more to this…

in the screenshots in the original post, the second item in the first photo (list view) shows the Simplified form (“鸟类”) of “birds”. but in the second photo (grid view), the same item is displayed in Traditional (“鳥類”). your settings menu screenshot seems to be in Simplified. for example, the “language” menu item is displayed as “语言” (Simplified) as opposed to “語言” (Traditional).

when i change the language in the iNat app on Android 11 to Simplified, i do see some strangeness in both grid view item names and list view item names.

sometimes i see Simplified common names (Pomacea maculata, the first item on the list):

sometimes i see Traditional common names (Pomacea maculata, the first item on the list):

sometimes i see English common names (ex. “birds” towards the bottom of the screenshot):

so it seems that it’s not that Simplified names are not being displayed. It’s that they seem to be displayed inconsistently, possibly in conjunction with Traditional and even English?

it’s worth noting that when set my app language to Traditional (Taiwan), i see a similar mix of Simplified, Traditional, and English names. (the menus and headers, etc. seem to be in the right language.)

since something similar is being noted in, i suspect these things are related.

I think this also relate to the phone region. When I change my IOS phone region from mainland China to USA, the common names mess up.

China mainland

I just tried the same thing on my Android, nothing changed. The common names are still a mess.

i tried looking a this a little more with fresh eyes, and i think i see several issues:

  1. in my “sometimes i see Simplified common names” screenshot above, that actually shows a mix of Traditional and Simplified. the first record is Simplified, but the 5th item (Utricularia gibba) shows Traditional. i think what may be going on here is related to so that first record seems to get its common name in a different way than the rest of the records.
  2. in my “sometimes i see English common names” screenshot above, what seems to be happening is that after the first 100 observations, all names show up as English.
  3. from the 2nd to 100th observations, there’s something else going on, but i still don’t fully understand it. it might but it might be what is described in, at least in part.
  4. i notice that if i change the language or common name location preference in the app, it doesn’t always get reflected back in the website:
    a. the Android app has a “Chinese (Hong Kong)” language option which the website lacks. if i choose that in the app, the website seems to interpret it as if i selected “default” in the website. instead, it should probably be interpreted as “Chinese (Traditional)”, or else the website needs to recognize a “Chinese (Hong Kong)” option.
    b. the Android app has a “Use my Device Language” language option which the website lacks. if i choose that in the app, the website still seems to use the language that was previously selected. this might be okay, but it seems like it should be an entirely separate setting from the language selection.
  5. i notice that if i change the language preference in the website and then i open the app, the app sometimes crashes, and languages shown in the app often seem to be mixed. for example, if i switch to English from Chinese, then a header might be English, some labels might be Chinese, and taxon names might be Chinese. if you apply the language in the app directly, then the language seems to be applied more consistently.
  6. if i have the app open and change the language preference in the website, and then check the settings in the app, the new language preference will be shown in the preferences, and then if i apply the new changes, the app will show the new language. however, if i change only the taxon name location preference, and visit the app settings, the new location preference does not show up in the app settings. (on the other hand, if i change the location preference in the app, it will get applied to the website on the next refresh of any page and shows up in the web settings screen.)
  7. if i select Traditional as the language, then in the app settings, language preference selection will be shown with an extra partial /b> tag at the end – for example “Global/b>”.

I’m a bit confused by the thread here. The title points to an issue on Android, but the original post seems to report a bug with iOS. Then there are posts about issues with both Android and iOS. Let me try to summarize my findings in regard to the original post. Note that I can’t read either language so I’m going by the common names listed on taxon pages and help from @albullington, who knows some Chinese.

The top two taxa here are Anas platyrhynchos and Egretta thula.

iOS 3.0.6

  • If my phone’s region is set to USA and I set the iNat language to Chinese (simplified), I see buttons in Chinese (simplified) but at least some common names are shown in Chinese (traditional), eg

  • If my phone’s region is set to China mainland and I set the iNat language to Chinese (simplified), I see buttons in Chinese (simplified) and common names in Chinese (simplified), eg

Ideally we would show Chinese (simplified) common names if the app is set to Chinese (simplified), regardless of region, correct?

(as far as I can tell, we show Chinese (traditional) common names when the app is set to Chinese (traditional) regardless of region)

Android 1.20.27 (458)

  • If I choose Chinese (simplified) for the iNaturalist app, I see common names in Chinese (traditional). Interestingly, Bucephala albeola only has a Chinese (simplified) name and the app is showing only the scientific name.

So with Android we also show Chinese (traditional) common names even if the app is set to Chinese (simplified).

I’m definitely seeing some weirdness as I scroll down when in Chinese (simplified). For example, at the top I see the Chinese name for Mallard, but not when I scroll down:

But I see other names in Chinese.

i think zinogre was saying that iOS looks okay, in contrast to the issues seen in Android.

in other words, zinogre cannot see Chinese (simplified) names in Android; the Chinese (simplified) names are shown only in iPhone.

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Thanks. The title referring to Android but the original post referring to iOS was confusing, at least to me. And then @zinogre reported an iOS issue later in the thread. But as noted, I only see traditional names in iOS if my region is USA and I choose Chinese (simplified) for the app, which is not right.

I added issues for Android and iOS. Haven’t yet delved into the other issues @pisum reported.

Now I can see the simplified Chinese names on Android. Thank you everyone!