Wrong French translation of "Created" in projects

Platform: WEBSITE

Browser: latest Firefox for MacOS

URLs: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/the-arborsphere?tab=about


Description of problem:

Step 1: Browse to https://inaturalist.ca/projects/the-arborsphere?tab=about

Step 2: Toggle French

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Same problem for me in any project !


Translation issues are usually caused by mistakes in Crowdin, so the best/fastest way to fix this is to go to Crowdin and supply the correct translation.

Edit – there’s one more step:
After you supply the correct translation, please make a new comment, check the box that says “Issue”, and change the drop-down to “Current translation is wrong”.


Thanks for the tip, but supplying the correction alone doesn’t do it. It looks like other people need to come and upvote it before it would get applied.

You don’t need other people to upvote it, but there is another step I didn’t mention – I edited my previous post to add it, so it’s all together in the “Solution” post.
Making it an issue will create a notification so it will get reviewed and changed in the next monthly update.

Done. Will wait and see what happens.