Wrong photo displayed after selecting reordered photo

Android app version 1.27.4 (546)

I appreciate the new drag-and-drop photo editor. However, when selecting a reordered photo, the photo that occupies the former position of the selected photo is displayed. Upon selecting back and reselecting the photo, everything is as it should be. This doesn’t affect the photo chosen for CV: if a photo is moved into the first position, it is still the default photo for suggestions. The only way this actually impedes me is that I have to use a few more taps to crop photos if I’m cropping them after they’re reordered, but it’s still annoying. I’ve only noticed it for a week or two, but it may have been happening for longer.

I think this is the bug you’re reporting? https://github.com/inaturalist/iNaturalistAndroid/issues/1204

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Looks like it! Guess I should also start checking GitHub for things not on the forum.

No need, I just wanted to make sure this was the same bug.

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