Wrong specie Life List

What I first identified as sus scrofa was then identified as sus scrofa domesticus but Inat kept sus scrofa specie in my Life list as you can see here :¨https://inaturalist.ca/observations?locale=fr&place_id=any&preferred_place_id=6712&taxon_id=42134&user_id=marilynebdubois&verifiable=any

and here : https://inaturalist.ca/lifelists/marilynebdubois?view=tree

It is shown correct there, domestic pig is listed as subspecies of a boar.
Your list shows it too:

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Ok I understand. It was weird because in French the common names for them make them sound like 2 completely different animals. But because the domestic form is a subspecie of the other, I understand now why the wild one appears in my lifelist even though I never observed one. Thanks.