Year 2019 report

Hi! Thanks for the link to year report)
But in section Most Comments and Faves after 10 species I see right photos but all names are “unknown” and all dates are as “20th of December”


Here the common names are in English, you should expect them to have the correct languague…

Maybe something stopped loading. Your profile picture is also not displayed in those observations. It is the same issue in my 2019 year report, plus only observations until March are included. Then it stops.

Thank you, @carnifex

Helped the button “Regenerate Stats” at the end of page)

@optilete, as for the common name, language it’s OK.
But when try to share report on Facebook I see this title page (no matter select I Russian language both in iNat & Facebook or English language in both):

How can i set readable (English) language for this page?

My molluscs are in fact insects. iNat has confused its orange tones.

Is this still happening? I’ve switched my FB language to Russian and I see this when I click on the FB share on your stats page:

Testing settings…I receive the page like you.

This setting does not help:
Facebook language=English

Helped setting:
Posts from friends and Pages Language you’d like to have posts translated into=English
That’s good)