A splendid crab stuck in Casual

Just when I think I’ve figured out the settings quirks, what am I missing on this one?


Similar topics have covered the effect of “can’t improve”, opting out, a need to “refresh” the obs or add an additional id. I’ve looked at all those angles and can’t see what is holding it back from RG.

It is indeed a splendid, gorgeous creature!
But I don’t know how to help.

It seems that this picture has been flagged by someone, therefore it’s casual grade.
If you mouse over the picture and click on the flag symbol, you can see current flags. The Chinese text suggests that it might be a problem of copyright infringement.


When I google translate the text, it just comes up as “This photo is Paraleptuca splendida” which might be a disagreement with the original ID of Uca crassipes? A Google Image search only returns images that are by the original poster (jennahm). I don’t think that there’s strong evidence of copyright infringement here, but if someone proficient in the language of the flag were able to chime in, that would probably help the most.

Weird- normally if something were flagged there’d be a pink banner in the dqa section in the identify modal saying that there is a flag. That’s absent here, so is the underlying issue a glitch in the flagging mechanism itself?

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If the observation itself is flagged, it’ll show that little banner. But if an individual photo is flagged, there’s no way to know unless you open the individual photo detail page or search for their username on the flags page.

Maybe worthy of a feature request though (show flags on associated media on observation detail page).


The photo had been used on the taxon page for Uca crassipes, so I left a comment letting the flagger know they can actually fix this themselves.

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The ID looked OK to me, so I poked it with another Agree. It flipped. I think maybe it just had so many previous IDs that it needed weight to get to RG.

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Thanks for the splendid explanation and assistance!

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:crab: :crab: :crab: