Status as casual despite resolved flag on photo

Branched horsetail in Italy

The linked observation got 3 photos which had been taken as screenshots of the uploading user’s own photos for a technical issue.

The first image had been flagged by me as it seemed to have been “borrowed” from foreign source. After clearing that there was no copyright infringement, and photos represented the observation, a curator resolved the flag.

Despite all data are present and right, the obs. is still displayed as “casual” but not “research grade”.

Could some Administrator change the status to research grade, please?

Kind regards, Erwin

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The observation just had not yet been reindexed by the system. I checked and unchecked one of the Data Quality Assessment sections and the status is now accurate.

Research Grade status is automatically assigned by the system based on predefined qualifications. Admins and Curators don’t have any special powers to make an observation RG or casual beyond the Data Quality and ID voting available to all users.


Thanks a lot for your engagement!


Do you have to be a curator for that to work?
I tried flipping a DQA on one of the resolved flags for my bug report and it didn’t help.

No, anyone should be able to do it.

Hmm, I wonder what is different between this observation & the ones I tried it on?
I even tried multiple different DQA (wild, location, has media, etc), but it still won’t display the images.