Ability to view newest additions to life list

I just got done with trip that added a number of new species to my life list, but I can’t find a way to see the most recent additions to my life list. Is there a way to do this? I looked around the various life list pages and couldn’t find an obvious way.


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Sort by - Date Added Newest to Oldest

On a PC/web interface, I’ve got some edit and filter options, but no sort.

Thanks, I’m using the web interface as well. I can sort my individual observations by Date added, but I was hoping to sort the species page.

Sorry was trapped in the default obs view. I prefer the species view, but it doesn’t offer sorting options.

You can search for new species using this tool https://kildor.name/inat/new-species


What I like doing is I go to calendar (in the top right menu with the user icon) then click on the most recent days and it will list all observed and all first observed species for the day.


Thank you Marina! That worked perfectly!

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