Make app available in Georgia

Hi there,
This is not technically a bug, but the app is not available in Georgia.
Reported by our community member.

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Sorry about that. By default, the Google Play Store disables distribution in Cuba, Georgia, Iran, Solomon Islands, and Sudan, presumably in response to United States export laws (Google is a US company, and iNat is owned an operated by a US non-profit). I spoke with our legal team and we think we’re in compliance with these export laws so I just turned on distribution in those countries. Hopefully you should be able to download the app in the next day or two.

I should also note that we publish APKs of all builds of our Android app at You can install those by downloading the APK files to your phone, though you’ll need to disable some security protections designed to prevent installation of apps by unknown developers.

Also, thanks for all your translations!

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