Accessing year in review on iOS?

I have “iNat year in Review” and “My Year in review” on the observe page. How dit you get rid of these items ?

BlockquoteI’m pretty sure we added this to the app so people could review their activity from 2019. We’re currently more than halfway through 2020 so I think it’s long past time to remove it. Also, YIR was never designed to be an ongoing, regularly-used feature, and the added load from iPhone users using it every day is causing some problems.

IMO, if we want to do this in the future, we should make some way for these “announcements” to operate through the announcement system on the website so changing the content doesn’t require releasing a new version of the app.

@ahospers Do you mean in the iPhone app? I guess they went away with the latest versions. I didn’t notice.

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I still have v.2.8.7 and “iNat year in Review” and “My Year in review” show at the top of the page. I do not notice anything in settings that looks like it would remove it.

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Would you consider posting your questions in the Bug Reports category along with your description some screenshots that show the problem(s)? I think you may get better response to such concerns there.


The question is much more about the Release calender itself, the functions which are gone which I need (multi select photos) and functions i prefer to be not in to my work screen ( “iNat year in Review” and “My Year in review” on the observe page) as they use my precious space i need.
Now i changed iNat to get rid of “iNat year in Review” and “My Year in review” but it seems there are unstable versions and conversions.
Why is not more clear what i get and what is lost and if it is a stable version.

I still wonder why iNaturlist does not use the full specified day+time stamp but just “1day”, “1 month”)

But is it possible to subscribe on the iOs app like this (seems the right one)
You need another GitHub account ?

If i CHECK “Releases only” i get Release note information ? I dont want more than 50 emails a year.


But when i open the observation the time and date stamp is there in exact the good format…!!!
Everytime i wonder who is ussing the other format.

FWIW, it seems the iOS version app is quite stripped down compared to Android systems. And, upgrades to the iOS app seem to be problematic due to old code, from what I’ve read. Except for uploading from the field, I use the website otherwise, as it serves my needs better.

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This is want i knew.

iOS 13 deprecated a number of older developer libraries, and the third-party library we were using to do multi-photo selection was hit hard. It was causing significant amounts of instability, crashes in the app in unpredictable ways, etc. In order to bring multi-photo selection back, I’m either going to have to re-implement that whole library, or find a new third-party library. Both will take time, and are further complicated by the fact that we can’t use Swift libraries in the iOS app right now, since one of the other third-party libraries we’re using (RestKit) won’t compile with Swift. I’ve been working on removing this problematic library for a while now, but it’s slow going because we use it a ton.

So my plan is to keep working to remove Restkit, the third-party library that won’t compile with Swift, so that in the future I’ll be able to choose from the vast menu of Swift libraries that do camera/photo library picker stuff, with lots of support for multi-photo selection.

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