Account deletion locks Android app

In a real face-palm that is 100% my fault, I found a bug that locks you out of the Android app if the account you’re logged in with gets deleted.

I’m using 1.18.10, but I assume it’s in all versions.

Step 1: Log into the app.

Step 2: From the website, delete the account.

Step 3: Go back to the app. It now says the password no longer works and would you like to reset it. It does not give the option to switch accounts. I tried to force stop the app, then clear the cache and reboot, but that didn’t work. I had to clear all the app data to allow me to log in with a different username.

It seems to me if you get to the screen that says the password no longer works, you should be allowed to select a different account to log in to.


If it was your main account, contact or @tiwane directly and ask that they reinstate the account. I think there is a timeframe within which they can recover your account, or perhaps from backups.

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No worries, it was Step 5 :wink:


Made an issue here: