I have locked myself out

Not really a bug, it is my fault. Logging in to the main iNaturalist website to do identifications, I accidentally clicked “Remember this password” on a library computer. While trying to reverse that, I have deleted my password. So I can’t log in with that password, and I can’t sign up afresh because it remembers my e-mail address and says that address is already taken. I have tried clicking on Forgotten password but not getting any response.

Any suggestions please? Preferably how to get back in with the same identity so that I can link to my observations etc.

John Bratton

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I would suggest sending an email directly to the help line at help@inaturalist.org

Curators wont be able to help you. Not sure where you are based, but hopefully you know it is a holiday weekend in the US, so you may not get an immediate reply…


Thanks for the e-mail address. I’m in Wales so no, I didn’t know it was a US holiday.



The Yanks are celebrating Thanksgiving.


Why can’t you request a password reset? All you need is your account’s email address and you should be sent a reset link (I am guessing here, I haven’t tried it).


I just did that yesterday while assisting a student who forgot their password. That does work, sending a password reset link to their email address. Unknown to me, she actually had two accounts and her observations were not in the account accessed through her email login. Working together we discovered her observations were under another username that she accessed using a Facebook single sign on login. Thus I learned to check the single sign on logins as well.


I’m back in. Thanks for the advice. It appears part of the problem was that Yahoo had decided e-mails from iNaturalist are spam.