Changing Password in iNaturalist account

This is the most simplistic problem.
Step 1:
I login to iNaturalist on my desktop
Step 2:
I’m getting a message to change my password
Step 3:
I try to change my password. The page doesn’t update/appear to refresh and indicate that my new password is accepted. Help!

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Can you please include a screenshot of the message you are getting? If you are worried about releasing sensitive information you can instead send an email to

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i get that too but it seems that the password is updated for me.

Not really a bug, it’s confusing design which we plan on improving. Sorry about that.

After you click on “Change Password” you have to go up to the blue Save Settings button to actually save your changed password. That will then log you out but not tell you you’ve been logged out, so refresh the page and then log in with your new password.