Notification issue

I’m not receiving notifications when someone confirms IDs or suggests different IDs etc. I’m basically blind with activity on my own Observations, or any of the Ids iv’e made for people.


Also it seems my real time discussion fails to load.

When we get hammered by events like CNC, our background worker queue gets backed up, and notifications suffer. We are trying to grind through the backlog, but since it comes at the cost of performance elsewhere, notifications are just going to be delayed until this storm is over.


When is Hurricane CityNature gonna be over?

“Mother iNaturalist” can be cruel!

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thanks for the info, @kueda!

Same issue here, glad to have an explanation of it.

I was wondering if something was up with the notifications. Thank you for the explanation.

Thanks @kueda No hurry. This has happened before. It comes right eventually :-)

I notice no problems here. Maybe the storm is over?

I had an ID confirmation from yesterday afternoon load as a notification this morning. I remember this happening during last year’s challenge as well. I just figure that’s how it goes when everyone is posting constantly.

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Mine finally all showed up today. I was wondering why also.