Improve functionality of Status tab on taxon page

I’d like to request the following changes to the data displayed and functionality of the status tab on the taxon page. Items 1 and 2 are likely bigger scale, but hopefully if the package of requests is seen as a positive change, they can be bundled as part of an overhaul

1 - Change the display of the data to a drill down (tree view like the taxonomy hierarchy display) based on the hierarchy of standard geographic displays. So for instance you can drill down from North America to see US and Canada, drill into Canada and see provinces, counties etc. This would allow easier understanding of what is listed and keep related geographic areas together

2 - Change the display so that all records (excluding personal lists of course) are shown. Right now, only 100 records will display, with no way to scroll through. Cascading the establishment means in a large province or state, or even at a national level can fill this 100 records with ease.

3 - Change the display parameters so that all listings show, right now a record is only displayed if data has been entered in the establishment means box. Records should still show if this is unpopulated.

4 - Change the display so that it shows both the establishment means and occurrence status,

5 - Allow direct entry and editing of the establishment means and occurence status values from this location, rather than requiring every single edit to mean opening the listed taxa page

6 - Allow adding of species to standard place checklists directly from this location, again so that it does not require going into each individual location checklist to do

some of this is already covered here, if you want to combine the requests:

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Closing to combine with the existing request:

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