Add button to view 'own observations of this genus' on taxon page

I take a lot of photos with the iOS app. I identify them online. But I don’t upload them until the evening. To save space in the cloud (and avoid duplicates), I check whether I have already found and uploaded this genus. A button “my observations of this genus in the last 365 days” would make this easier for me. Best: next to button ‘more information at’ in description page.

Why limit it to the last year? I think it would be better to just return a list of all observations sorted by time, then you can go back as arbitrarily near or far as you like.

Is the functionality of the Android App different in this aspect? Because I get the ‘View Observations’ button and on the next page I can filter for just my observations (or exclude them)

In iOS App this ‘view observations’ is missing. I copy the name into browser and filter own observations.

New functionality is only for convenience.