Adding to a Project

Can’t add my observation to the City Nature Challenge project (or any project)…whatever I type in to the add to project box, the box turns red and no suggestions come up.

You can’t add the observation to the City Nature Challenge becouse it is a collection project. I’m not sure, but I think you have to join a (traditional) project to add observations to it? This page might cover your problem.

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See also:

A user must also join a traditional project in order to add their observations to it.

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I added it from the account I use for my school nature club. We have already joined the City Nature Challenge project so all our other observations are automatically in the project. This one isn’t and the only reason I can think of is that the date was wrongly reported by the camera (date set incorrectly) so I had to edit it (before submission) to show the correct date. The original wrong date might have excluded it from the project??

The date format you have entered might not be being picked up by the project. Can you give a url link to the observation in question, and to the CNC City project you are expecting it to appear in. I can check and see what might be blocking it from adding

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Maybe it is included…I’m not sure now as other observations don’t mention a project either.
Thanks for your help…:)

I just checked and it’s mapped on the bristol-bath CNC page…so hopefully everything OK!

yes, it has been picked up. Often when there is a “rush hour” like what happens during the CNC, the indices and tables behind the scenes that make things woirk take a little time to get updated. If you check straight after the observation has been uploaded, the indices for the project may not have had time to be updated. If you are able to, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to see if the changes you are expecting will take effect, and if not, then post about your problem in here with links so we can see what is up. Glad this one is sorted for you!

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We’ve got a special section of FAQs for the City Nature Challenge, so folks can also point people there.