Add "First Observed" sort option to Life List

By adding a “First Observed” sort option to “Life List,” a person will be able to easily see which species have been recently added to their list. Often when I add a day’s observations, I’ll notice that my number of species observed has gone up a few. It would be nice to see which species I’ve added and this sort option would allow that. “First Observed” means that the list is sorted by the date of the first observation of each species in the list.

Exactly what I’ve been trying to do. Thanks for posting the suggestion.

On eBird’s ‘Overview’ pages by county or hotspot location there are First Seen, Last Seen and High Count buttons sortable ascending or descending and by taxonomy, date and count:

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 5.34.52 AM

The link above shows recent additions to the NY County list of:

  • American Golden-Plover
  • Swainson’s Hawk on Governors Island (added to iNaturalist)
  • South Polar Skua

Thanks again for the suggestion.


Would just like to add my voice to the pile - I’d love this feature!

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