Add link to taxon page on Explore page observations

This might seem incredibly lazy of me: I usually start seeking information on a species by using the Explore tab and looking at the map of sightings (see screen capture for Eoparargyractis irroratalis for an example). From there, I cannot figure out how to go directly to the taxon page; the shortest pathway seems to be to click on any one individual record, then click on the species name for that record, i.e. two clicks.
Could we add a button offering a direct link to the taxon page from the initial map page of observations that comes up in Explore? (I know I can get to the species page directly by using the regular search bar and choosing “About”, but I do a lot more research from the Explore tab.)


How would it present when you have multiple species on the Explore page?

Clicking on the Species tab then clicking on the species should get you there pretty quickly:

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I think OP is able to get to the taxa already with two clicks, they are asking if it is possible to make it so it can be done with one click.

I kinda get why, cos if it’s something you do a lot, then it could almost double the life of your mouse… or if you have a noisy click on your mouse, then the wife will be half as frustrated by the annoying noise :) [I say this, having replaced a keyboard recently that failed from overuse, and from having my computer in the same room as the TV, and my noisy keyboard (and mouse) do bother the wife while she is watching her favourite shows!]


currently the click on the observation in the list ( I think anywhere) takes you to the observation view, and from there to the taxa page by clicking the taxa name eg in an ID.

I think the suggestion is that maybe clicking the image (or that area even if no photo) takes to the observation page, clicking the taxa would take to the taxa page. You could expand the scope to include clicking the observer avatar and have it go to the observers profile, and perhaps even clicking the place to go to that place page.


I understand the request. The method I described does use two clicks, but is much faster than the current method @gcwarbler described because no observation page has to be loaded. Info for the species tab is already loaded when the Explore page loads. I don’t want to imply the request wouldn’t be an improvement, but I was trying to point out a faster existing method.


Okay. Thanks.

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Gotchya, @tiwane. Your method is a bit more straightforward. Thanks!

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I’ve add this to our internal Explore page revamp brainstorm doc. I’ll close this request now.