Link to taxon page from dashboard content

When someone adds a comment to an observation I’m subscribed to, from the dashboard there are five links to the observation page:

Can the taxon name instead go to the taxon page? There would still be 4 links to the observation.

Surely, this classifies as a bug: it should not link to the observation - it is totally counterintuitive that it goes to the observation.

Clicking the observer takes you to the observer, and clicking place or date loads up those filters, so clicking the species name should definitely take you to the taxon page.


I totally agree, but I’m sure the developers do – there are other places on iNat that the taxon name links to the observation and not the taxon. The first one that comes to mind is the identify modal:

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I’ve wondered about this for a while, but never thought to submit a request. I think one of the five links can be spared to go to the taxon! It is definitely useful to go to the taxon page quickly if you’re looking for info to confirm an id, etc.