New Project - help please

Hi all newbie here,
I am a new instructor and am using projects for a plant ID class. I am having a lot of trouble being able to add my observations to the project. Everything seems to be set up okay, had another professor look things over to make sure. I successfully added 2 observations last week somehow, but can not add any more. I have tried from the app and the desktop. What am I missing?? Need help soon if anyone is available.

You project Shoreline CC_BIOL 124_2021_spring? Then it requires to have plant phenology annotation added to observations, which isn’t added to all of your observations (it’s a collectional project, you can’t add observations to it, they’re automatically added). Also please don’t forget to mark all cultivated plants as such.

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Thanks, I don’t understand why I can’t add that annotation to my observations so that it will go into the project. When I try to edit there is no annotation field.

How are observations added to the project automatically? Will this only occur for the members?

How do you know/where do you see that it’s a collection project? Is that the correct set up for something like this? If not how should I fix it?

For this project yes, it’s said in project settings that it’s for members only. Collectional projects are the common ones, they add all observations that fit their requirements, I think you should read tutorials as it’s explained there.

You don’t add annotations in edit, you open observation e.g. on website, look down and right there’ll be a window with annotations.

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Okay so just to be clear in the steps for students too, once the observation is uploaded they have to go back and add the annotations?

Yes, unless you change the annotation requirement.

Thanks. I thought they could just add it at the time of entering all of the other information.

No, it’s not possible, but you can esily change project requirements for that, just make sure they all will join the project.

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