UI like Identify but with Project Field

I have a project called Xylobiops Mites where I want to add observations of Xylobiops where there are mites on the beetle. In order to see the mites, it’s helpful to have a full sized image. The Identify UI provides this functionality and conveniently allows browsing forward and backward through a list. It also includes marking as reviewed, which is nice because that way I can come back later and resume where I left off. The problem is, the Identify screens don’t have a way to add an observation to a project. Well, it does, sort of. You can add an Observation field Project, and type or paste the project there, but that doesn’t seem to add it to the project.

The Explore UI allows for easy addition to a project, but displays only thumbnails or lists. If I click an observation to view full sized images, I lose my place. Additionally, I don’t have the functionality of marking observations viewed.

Is there some other way to do what I’ve described that doesn’t involve a lot of hunting through observations that may have already been reviewed?

I figured out that I can click the View link on the Identify screen and add the project there.

There’s a feature request for this: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/add-projects-to-annotations-tab-of-identify-modal/285

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Obviously not what you’re asking for, but I just wanted to clarify:

You can open those observations in a new tab without losing your place. I do this every morning when looking at candidates for observation of the day.

You can mark an observation as reviewed on the observation page itself. But yes, it’s not quick:


Thanks - voted.

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