Add to Help page: how to flag for Conservation Status additions/changes

I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a state level Conservation status, and couldn’t find instruction in the Help pages. It could be more clear for non-curators how to flag and contribute to conservation statuses.

I eventually found this comment in the forum:
Which provided my answer:
“when creating or editing the conservation status (which only curators can do) paste the flag URL in the description field along with some context (e.g. ‘Not threatened by location disclosure despite threatened status, See’) if you are not a curator, you can still make the flag and then mention a curator to get help creating/editing the conservation status itself”

It’d be useful to define a standard practice for non-curators on how to flag for Conservation Status additions or changes and what information to provide to the curator/s.

In my case, I’m working on improving Michigan’s conservation statuses for rare species. I did flag this one:
Working from this source: Which NatureServe references for michigan it seems.

This would be helpful.

Also, when flagging species to add conservation statuses, it will be useful to do an assessment at that time about whether data for those species should be obscured or not. So if you see info about this, it’s worth adding to the comments!

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