Adding a location to my project?

Hi, how do I add a location that comes up when I do a location search while uploading a photo but is not coming up when I try to add the location to my project?

I want to add ‘Glenmore, Kelowna BC CA’ to my project, fyi.


Could you please link where you see that location? It’s not coming up in search and it seems it dosn’t exist as a place on iNat unless written differently, so you probably will need to create one.

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The uploader uses Google’s geocoding service to find a lat/long from the text description of your location.

You can see the same results directly from Google here:

If you want to add a boundary to your collection project, the shape needs to exist in iNat. Since Glenmore doesn’t currently exist in iNaturalist, you’ll need to create a new place and either upload a kml file, or draw the boundary. Detailed instructions are here:


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