Adding missing subspecies


Does anyone know how to add a subspecies or a request a subspecies to be added? The subspecies Cryptantha nevadensis nevadensis is not currently in the iNaturalist taxonomy list. Here is Calflora’s entry on the ssp. (


iNaturalist’s taxonomy is maintained by its site curators. If you believe a taxon should be added to iNaturalist, it’s best to go to that taxon’s parent’s page (eg on the website and flag it for curation by clicking on “Curation” (under the graph) and selecting “Flag for curation”. You can then write a short note citing your source and the curators will see it.

Note that iNat follows Plants of the World Online for its plant taxonomy.


You want to flag the species on iNaturalist for curation to do this.

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Thank you! I figured there had to be some method of doing it but I wasn’t sure.

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