Adding observations to traditional project and list woes

I am having trouble adding observations to my traditional project South Dakota Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey. The project rule is must be on list and the project list requires observations to order and phylum level.

I was able to add one of my observations so far which was IDed to family level.

However, when I try to add an observation IDed to suborder, I get the message failed to enter must be on list.

At one point, I changed the rule to be must be on a taxon of the project list and I still got the same error message: must be on list. Maybe the project settings hadn’t been updated in the database and I just needed to wait? IDK.

Any suggestions?

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The Must be on list rule is pretty limited - it means the observation has to be that exact taxon, not a child of that taxon. What you’ll want to do instead is add Must be in taxon rules for each of those clades and remove the Must be on list rule.


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