Adding observed species to the place checklist

I created a place on July 14, 2022. As of today (August 6), there are 103 species listed on the checklist for this place. However, 275 species have been observed in this place, so not all of the observed species appear on the checklist.

All of the species observed since July 14 are on the checklist. For the most part, they were added by the system automatically (although I’ve been tweaking things here and there). All of the observed species not on the checklist were observed before the place was created. I added a few by hand but that doesn’t seem right. I must be doing something wrong.

How do I get all observed species (past and future) to appear on the place checklist?

Checklists are old and buggy pages.

I’m trying to determine if I should invest my time. If the checklist were somehow brought up to date, would the system automatically maintain it moving forward? In other words, will newly observed species be automatically added to the checklist?

It can do both, most likely it will add some species, but not others, it does have value to add manually those species that haven’t been recorded yet.