Checklist confusion

As a new curator I’m trying to understand the interaction between standard place checklists and RG observations.
For example this checklist shows 7 species as ‘not observed’ yet when I use explore to query the observations those 7 species appear in the list! Do I need to add the observations of those ‘not observed’ species to the checklist manually?
I guess there is also an interaction with atlases here also since all but one of the 7 ‘not observed’ has an ‘x’ link to remove the taxon from the list. Is the one that doesn’t have the ‘x’ superseded by having an active atlas?

Thanks for any explanations.

I guess it’s a part of place checklists being buggy right now, they often not get species already seen in this place, it’s up to you to add species manually, if you have time to add those and maybe monitore it in the future.

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