Do Place checklists index automatically?

I created a new Place (for a National Park in Brazil) on 18 January 2023. Nine days later, it has only 24 species on the checklist, which look to me like those added as observations since the place was created. But the Place, in Explore, has 621 species confirmed by Research Grade observations. Is there a way to re-index so as to include these in the Place checklist? I understood that this was how this worked, but can’t see how to do it. Maybe it’s just a matter of waiting for longer? I opened a flag but was advised it might be good to post my question here on the Forum.

I had a similar experience. I ended up adding observed species to the place checklist by downloading their scientific names from the Explore tool. That brought the checklist up-to-date. It seems to be updating by itself now but I haven’t double-checked it, so I can’t be sure. My sense is: if you require an accurate place checklist, be prepared to maintain it manually.

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Thanks for this, Tom! Looks like I will have to try the same approach.

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