Admin: Moving Members from Old to New Project?

I was wondering if it were possible to move members from a project that was manually moderated to a new one that is automated.

I know that the original project can be migrated to an automatic one but I enjoy being able to see the discrepancies between the two as they show where an observation may need to be tweaked to make sure it is accepted to the automatic project. Otherwise the observation will remain outside the project even though it should a part of this or any other project.

The following have all occurred on my audit of a manual vs. automatic project and these include:

  • Endangered species type observations are excluded. I understand this completely.
  • If an accuracy circle lies partly outside the location these are excluded
  • If a person manually adds an observation to the project but the marker lies outside the location these are not included. A mistake was possibly made in the auto upload to iNat from an app. I didn’t realize it was possibility to do this until today.

Thanks for any insights on this request.


I’ve read through some posts and it looks like there is no invitation function on a Collection project. If this is the case then this one can be closed. Thanks.