Web upload allows to choose photo but does not continue processing

It works fine for Android phone.

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Step 1: On Edit Observations · iNaturalist, Click Upload button

Step 2: This page appears- Add Observations · iNaturalist, Click ‘Choose Files’ button - see CaptureUpload.jpg

Step 3: Opens the file open page, pick file by clicking on it, then click on the Open button - see CaptureGetFile.jpg

Step 4: Browser goes back to/stays at the Step 2 page. - see CaptureUpload.jpg

Summary: I try to add a file through the upload, it allows to pick a file, but never accepts the chosen file and stays on the upload page…

The same. My system is Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB. The same on another notebook with WIndows 10 Enterprise LTSB version 1809. The same with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. A smartphone works OK. The bug seems to result from an attempt to cure the bug of duplication of more than photos uploaded by Chrome under WIndows.

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File selection should be working again now


Working for me now!