Allow Direct Linking to Specific Tabs on Taxon Pages

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: Taxon pages

Description of need:
Taxon pages on iNat contain a series of around 5 standard tabs (about, taxonomy, status, etc.) though the specific tabs available vary with the taxon. When users visit taxon pages, which tab is displayed is “sticky” (ie, if I look at the taxonomy tab for one taxon, the next taxon page I open will open to the taxonomy tab as well).
However, it would be useful to be able to link directly to specific tabs in several situations. For instance, when making comments on flags or on the forum, I often wish I could provide a link to a specific tab (usually “Status” or “Taxonomy” though sometimes “About” for dealing with Wikipedia issues). Often novice users don’t know about these tabs or how to use them/find info. Being able to link directly to them could speed things up (not having to type out how to access different tabs) and reduce confusion.

Feature request details:
These kinds of links to specific parts of pages are available in other parts of iNat, eg

When hovering over a tab on a taxon page, a user can right click and copy a link that does seem to specify the tab, eg:

If a user clicks on the tab (with that link) as normal, it displays the tab as expected.

However, if you paste that link into a browser address bar, it seems like it should open the page at the given tab, but this doesn’t happen. Instead, the browser will open the taxon page on whatever tab is “sticky”. This seems undesirable, since the links are “there” but don’t behave as expected.

My request is to have these links display the taxon page on the tab designated in the link and override the sticky tab.

Thank you for making this request. I’ve silently wished for this feature many times.


Made a Github issue here:

And yes, this would be really helpful with support work and how-tos.


Looks like this has been implemented.


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