Allow single-click opening of observations from photo browser

When I’m browsing taxon photos, I often want to open several in tabs at once. Currently, each thumbnail has 3 places where you can right-click and choose “open in new tab”: clicking the common name, scientific name, and info symbol all open that observation’s general taxon page.

Currently if you want to open several photos in tabs at a time, there is an extra click: you have to click the photo and then from the popup viewer click on “view observation” in order to open it. I would be very happy if this process could be streamlined.

I would like to be able to directly right-click somewhere on a thumbnail in the photo browser and choose to open that photo or observation in a new tab. Whether the new tab shows just the photo, the photo details page, or the original observation is less important to me; I would be satisfied with any of these options.

Thanks, all.

I agree, it has never seemed logical to me to have these extra step to get to the actual obs. One has already come to the photo browser from the taxon page so why would every thumbnail link assume you want to go back to the taxon page?
(BTW alecc it seems you are not aware that if you click the middle mouse on a link it performs the same function as ‘right click>open in new tab’.)

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This would be fantastic. The block, and need for additional clicks, has always driven me nuts.

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When I control-click in the white area of any observation’s thumbnail in the Identify page (using Chrome) it opens the observation in a new tab. Does this not work for others?

That does work for others, but this isn’t about the Identify page, this post is about the photo browser of a taxon, such as:


Doesn’t control clicking also do the same there?

Are you responding to my middle mouse button previous comment? I never used control-click but trying it now, it seems to achieve the same thing as middle mouse click.

is this the same request as Link observations directly from photo browser page thumbnails?

@bouteloua yep, sorry. didn’t see that when I searched for similar terms and it didn’t come up in the list of similar posts before I submitted.

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I most frequently use a laptop touchpad. My desktop computer at work has a real mouse but I don’t (often :grin:) browse iNat there.

Ok! I’ll close this one so we can focus discussion/votes in one place.

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