Android app double posting

@erininmd I personally don’t know of a way to merge two observations into one, but in that case, if you still have access to the photos, I would:
1.) Add the photos to the observations with the data only.
2.) Delete the observations with photos only.
Others may have a better idea. That’s what I did when it happened.

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Yes, unfortunately we don’t have a merge option so you do just need to decide which to delete and which to keep and complete. :-/ Sending logs as soon as you realize this happened may help us squash this frustrating bug.

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Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out, as its happened intermitantly before, but in this case it happened a bunch but seemed to be a file issue on my end. It resolved once I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

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The problem of double postings is certainly not fixed yet.

I have very poor internet where I am, but this issue has only started recently after an update so I’m inclined to think it’s an issue with the app.

Whenever I upload an observation through a photo I previously took with my camera, it appears to upload it as one observation on the app, but when I check it on my computer it has two separate observations: one with just the photo (no species ID) and another that contains the photo’s metadata and whatever species ID I selected. Both observations seem to get little attention which would imply it’s displaying that way for everyone, not just my computer. Some photos just don’t upload on android at all, going straight from the photo selection screen back to the “my observations” screen with no apparent way to actually add it in.

I’ve emailed some images to my computer, but like I said before, my internet is very unreliable and it would be a lot faster to just upload from my phone…

I haven’t tried it with the in-app camera, but I don’t ever use it anyway just because I have poor reception in my area.


(merged from

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Are you creating a new observation in the app and choosing to import photo(s) for it, or are you using your phone’s gallery and sending photo(s) from the gallery to iNaturalist?

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I switched off auto-upload and import photos from the gallery. It seems the problem disappeared for me.

I was too optimistic

Logs send?:
iNaturalist Android Logs (version 1.12.6 - 365; user id - optilete; Android API = 26)

The new version of the Android app crasheses often. The internet connection is good, I uploaded the observations from home.
Why are the numbers of the observations not close together?

iNaturalist Android Logs (version 1.13.9 - 375; user id - optilete; Android API = 26)

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Thanks for sending the log file for this, and please don’t edit these observations so we can take a look at them.


Still having the same problem.
Uploaded this Steatoda from Android, it was split in two: --> pics (I took the pictures last night, then uploaded it today browsing the photos with the app) --> all the data

Please send us a log file from the app by going to settings and tapping three times on the version number. And please do not edit the observations in question, so we can take a look.

Hi Tony!
Done, I just sent the log files via mail. The observations are still there. Thanks.

Awesome, we got them. Thanks @carancho!

I often make pictures and at the end of the day at home I import them into the app. When I have added some pics I upload them at once.

Both observations with an android app, but I do not know the version…

I am also having this issue frequently while on fast WiFi and trying to add observations from existing photos in my phone’s media gallery. An observation gets stuck on “waiting to upload”. The only way to proceed is to close the app and reopen. At that point the observation splits into two, one with no photo. If I delete either observation and then reopen the app a third time, they are both gone. It’s happening frequently enough to make the app unusable. Samsung Galaxy s10e, Android 10, iNat 1.17.9 (398). I am also having pinned locations not show up in the pinned locations list. Between these two bugs, I am getting incredibly frustrated with trying to add observations.

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I’m sorry to hear that @mjsarver. Can you please send us log files from the app the next time you experience this, as soon as possible? This will help us understand what might be going wrong here. And please don’t edit the observations it creates, so we can take a look at them.

To send log files, go to the Settings tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.


One more case of this bug. I tried to use Inat App for the first time(I usually shot on camera and upload photos throught the web interface) and got this error(duplicate observation) on just second upload:

Interesting, that in Inat App I see only one, combined observation.
INat app version 1.17.9 (398). Android

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